Bedfordshire Centre for Mental Health Research in association with the University of Cambridge (BCMHR-CU)

Programme 2007


Bedfordshire Centre for Mental Health Research
in association with University of Cambridge
Cambridge/ Luton International Conference on Mental Health 2007
Thursday 11th October 2007
Churchill College, Cambridge
0830-0930                            Conference opening/Registration/Posters
Session 1
New Ideas in Bipolar Affective Disorder
Chair                       Prof Paykel & Prof Jones
0930-0945            Welcome and opening remarks       Dr Rashid Zaman
                                                                                                Prof Peter Jones
                                                                                                Dr Mark Agius
0945-1030            Prof H Akiskal [USA] The new classification of Bipolar Disorder
1030-1115            Dr Zoltan Rimmer.[Hungary] Treatment of Bipolar Disorder and Suicidality
1115-1145            Coffee
Chair            Dr Hunt & Dr Rimmer
1145-1215            Dr Giuseppe Tavormina [Italy] European Depression Day
1215-1245             Prof Martha Sajatovic [USA] Improving Treatment Adherence in Bipolar Disorder
1245- 1315           Dr Jesus Perez [UK] Early Intervention in Bipolar Disorder.
1315-1415        Lunch/Posters
Session 2
Psychosis International Perspectives
Chair                       Prof Pantelis & Dr Zaman
1415-1500           Dr Cyril Hoschl [Czech Republic] Metabolic Effects of Anti-psychotics
1500-1545            Prof Peter Jones [UK] Update on Epidemiology of Psychosis       
1545-1615            Tea
Chair            Prof Hoschl
1615-1645           Prof Eva Palova [Slovakia] Clozapine in First Episode Psychosis; A lesson from history 
1705-1805            Satellite Lecture : Prof Reynolds, Pharmacology and formulation, antipsychotics(sponsored by Janssen Cilag)
2000        Conference Dinner (Churchill College, provisional)
Cambridge/ Luton International Conference on Mental Health 2007
Friday 12th October 2007
Churchill College, Cambridge
Session 3
Outcomes in First Episode Psychosis
Chair          Dr Fletcher & Prof Alptekin
0915-1000            Prof Christos Pantelis [Australia] Neuroimaging in Psychosis
1000-1045            Prof Bent Rosenbaum [Denmark] The Danish National Schizophrenia Project
1045-1115      Coffee
Chair          Prof Jones & Prof Sajatovic
1115-1145            Prof Merete Nordentoft [Denmark] The Opus Trial; Is integrated treatment better than standard treatment for psychotic patients?
1145 -1215           Dr Mark Agius [UK] Results of Early Intervention Study Luton
1215-1330       Lunch/Posters
Session 4
Technology in Psychosis Research
Chair          Dr Pregelj & Prof Stefanis
1330-1400            Dr Sanja Martic Biocina [Croatia] Application of neurofeedback methods in psychiatry and psychology.                                                                                  
1400- 1430           Dr Rashid Zaman [UK] Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in Psychosis
1430-1500            Dr Sabine Bahn [UK] Genomics in Psychosis
1500-1530            Dr Marlis Herberth [UK] T cells as model for biomarker discovery in first episode psychosis
1530-1600       Tea
Session 5
Outcomes in Treatment of the Prodromal phase of Psychosis
Chair          Dr Agius & Prof Ulric
1600-1620            Dr Marijana Bras [Croatia] IRAOS in Psychotic illness 
1620-1650            Dr Brigita Novak [Slovenia] Prodrome vs Long DUP; effects of treatment in the prodrome?
1650-1720            Dr Marjeta Blinc [Slovenia] Ljubljana prodrome project
1730-1800            Satellite Lecture: Prof Jones, Minimising metabolic & cardiovascular risk in Schizophrenia:Diabetes, Obesity & Dyslipidaemia (Sponsored by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals)
2000                Dinner
Cambridge/ Luton International Conference on Mental Health 2007
Saturday 13th October 2007
Churchill College, Cambridge
Special Lecture
0930-1000            Prof Emeritus Eugene Paykel. Cognitive therapy in relapse prevention in Affective Disorder
Chair        Dr Markar                            
Session 6             
Trauma/PTSD and psychosis  
Chair          Prof Kucmur & Prof Zdanowicz
1000-1045            Dr Nela Pivac: Neurobiology of psychotic PTSD
                                Prof Dagica Kozaric Kovacic. Diagnoses and treatment of psychotic PTSD
1045-1110            Prof Ivan Urlic [Croatia] Trauma, Shame and the Psychotic Answer 
1110-1130            Coffee
Session 7
Genetics and Psychosis
Chair         Dr Parez & Dr Patel
1130-1200            Prof Nicos Stefanis [Greece]How do Schizophrenia susceptibility genes effect the general population?
1200-1230            Prof Koksal Alptekin [Turkey] Gene- Environment interactions in Schizophrenia.
1230-1300            Dr Peter Pregelj [Slovenja] How Genes act in Psychosis                      
1300-1400            Lunch/Posters
Session 8 
Medications and service issues
Chair         Dr MacInnes & Dr Agius
1400-1430            Dr Jesus Perez [UK] Long term effectiveness and tolerability of atypical antipsychotics
1430-1500            Prof Nicolas Zdanowicz [Belgium] The use of atypicals in adolescents and young adults with psychosis and pre-psychosis.
1500-1530             tea
Session 9 
Other Issues in Psychosis
Chair         Prof Jones & Dr Zaman
1530-1550            Dr Mamdouh El-Adil Pathways to Treatment in First Episode Psychosis [UK]
1550-1610            Prof Marga Kucmur [Slovenia] Psychosis: what it is and what it is not. (ethical problems)
1610-1630            Dr Tilak Ratnayake [UK] Outcomes of the Birmingham Assertive Outreach Project.
1630-1650            Milind Karale Choosing appropriate patients for home treatment team              
1650-1700     Concluding Remarks     Prof Peter Jones/ Dr Mark Agius/Dr Rashid Zaman
Cambridge/ Luton International Conference on Mental Health 2007
Wednesday  10th October 2007
Churchill College, Cambridge
Special Pre-Conference Satellite Symposium
Current Research on Suicide Behaviour in Hungary
Chair   Prof Zoltan Rihmer
Dr     Judit Balazs: The role of mixed depression and comorbidity among suicide attempters with a major depressive episode.
Dr     Annamaria Rihmer: Psychosocial and psychiatric characteristics of 150 suicide attempters in Hungary
Dr     Xenia Gonda, Judit Lazary, Gyorgy Bagdy: Association between factors related to risk of suicide: hopelessness, aggression, impulsivity and the 5HTTLPR s allele
Dr     Zoltan Rihmer: Declining suicide mortality in Hungary: what are the main causes?


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