Bedfordshire Centre for Mental Health Research in association with the University of Cambridge (BCMHR-CU)

Mission statement for BCMHR-CU

  1. The research centre enables the undertaking and delivery of high quality research into a range of topics associated with the epidemiology of mental health and the delivery of mental health services in order to feed back into treatment programmes to enhance primary and secondary prevention.
  2. The centre recognises that research has wide reaching implications and therefore one aim is to undertake research that will improve the quality of life for patients with mental health problems both locally and globally as results are disseminated.
  3. The centre recognises that research work has to be transparently ethical and methodologically sound and will always follow these guiding principles.
  4. The research centre enables research by:
    • initiating and performing work itself,
    • working in partnership with other organisations,
    • encouraging and supporting other members of the Trust to perform research work directly relating to service delivery.
  5. The centre recognises the importance of multi disciplinary working and also of partnership working with other interested bodies.
  6. The centre recognises the importance of disseminating the results of the research work and will seek to do this through publishing in accredited Journals, by making presentations at conferences as well as keeping the Trust Board up-to-date with the work and findings.
  7. The centre also recognises the importance of training and of keeping up to date with the latest research methodologies and computer applications to enable continuation of high quality research. Another aspect of training is that which the centre can do within the Trust to enable other Trust members to undertake their own research (including action research) all within the primary aim to improve service delivery and the care of the Clients of the Trust and those wider a field.